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Accel Plastics a leader in efficiency, quality and innovation was just awarded the Supplier Excellence Award from Red Dot; one of only three awards given from over hundreds of suppliers for Red Dot.        


accelplasticsfacilityWelcome to Accel Plastics, one of the nation's fastest growing and most respected vacuum forming and pressure forming companies. Since 1986, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and a staff of highly motivated and experienced personnel have worked hard to ensure the production of quality plastic products, delivered on-time, every time. The strength of Accel's diverse capabilities means that your product is manufactured completely, reliably, and with quality built in from the start.

Accel Plastics has the technology to receive CAD models, fabricate tooling, thermoform parts, route and/or diecut parts and assemble parts all the exacting specifications. We also do customized packaging; and can ship your product to any location in the world. No design or process is too complicated or too simple.

Ideally located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, between Seattle and Tacoma, and supplying customers around the world in every market, from transportation to medical, from aerospace to electronics.

Contact us today, and put our plastics thermoforming experience to work for you.

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    Using the latest technologies in CNC 5 Axis Routers, we very accurately trim/machine thermoformed parts to produce high end quality products that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. 


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    We have the ability to accurately measure your parts utilizing our state of the art, oversized coordinate measuring machine.

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    Our computer controlled Vacuum, Pressure, and Twin-sheet forming stations range from 36" by 36" up to 84" by 108" which gives us the ability to consistently and accurately produce your product.

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    Our 5 Axis CNC Routers allow us to produce precise and highly complex product with tight tolerance repeatability.

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    Our plant has the latest vacuum forming and CNC machining technologies which allows us to maximize product flow and ensure superior quality.

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    We have the ability to accurately measure your parts, utilizing our state of the art, coordinate measuring machine.